Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks

Tdm warehouse tricks and tips
pubg tdm tricks for highest kills

Pubg mobile Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks

Hey well what’s up people, welcome back to Kartik Hub. So on today’s article kartik hub had to be tell on Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks.


  1. Best Pubg mobile TDM Strategies.
  2. About Pubg Mobile TDM tricks and Trips.
  3. TDM warehouse gun combinations.

All this Pubg mobile tdm tricks and trips are newly updated by Kartik hub. If you are a pubg mobile player then make sure to follow these pubg mobile tdm tricks and tips 2020.

So let’s start begins up with Kartik Hub’s first article steps towards Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks.

1. Which Gun is Best For Pubg mobile TDM warehouse to steal kills out –

In Pubg Mobile previous update, we can took any of the best pubg mobile guns for TDM warehouse. And as much kartik hub guess such only that pubg mobile update was the best till one ever as per my research.

And now many pubg mobile players may not to be much liking the most new pubg mobile tdm update. Since i make it worst pubg mobile tdm update 2020 from tencent games.

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And on this TDM Pubg Mobile update, we had to look at the loadout menu, to make our duo pubg mobile guns combination.

What is loadout option in pubg mobile tdm warehouse ?

Usually we had to be got a new pubg mobile tdm update kartik hub updated it recently.. But in the previous pubg mobile update we could any pick up any of the pubg mobile gun we want to. But now Pubg mobile tdm update team from pubg mobile had sincerely removed that pubg mobile feature.

Although we couldn’t to be more able to pick up any gun in tdm pubg mobile update.And now that pubg mobile feature which is normally replaced with latest Loadout option, in which a player of pubg mobile had to be select the two of any guns of pubg mobile.

According to the their pubg mobile tdm gun update. which is a pubg mobile player could play tdm warehouse in the duo combination of guns which can be any pubg mobile tdm guns. the first combo for pubg tdm warehouse is M416 and Uzi. That’s how the new possibly pubg mobile had to be released loadout option in new pubg mobile tdm update.

2. Try to get stand along with your pubg squad instead of going solo in tdm warehouse pubg mobile –

The main problem done by pubg mobile players while playing TDM warehouse match. Is various pubg mobile players prefers to go solo of squad instead of covering up the against in whole squad teammates.

If you’re professionally pubg mobile player and had enough level to get cover up yourself against enemies. And just by covering along, then making your pubg mobile enemies being killed down and instead without killed and lower down the ratings from pubg mobile.Then a pubg mobile player should go up towards solo matched for better performance.


Pubg Mobile TDM warehouse tricks contains must includes, that how to move forward while being playing in squad pubg mobile. As may chanced to be increased ratings your kills instead of decreasing. Try a shot at this trick and let you know us in comment section below about this Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks.

3. Protect your Pubg Health Power when Covering up yourself by the different containers from pubg enemies –

Being killed again and again by pubg mobile enemies, because of confusing directions from pubg mobile containers. A strategy should apply on pubg mobile containers for better protecting in these pubg TDM warehouse containers while attacking your pubg enemies, or being attacked by pubg enemies.

This will have such affect on your health power, that you will be killed less by your pubg mobile opponent squad. These covering tdm warehouse containers in pubg mobile tdm warehouse tricks and update, will help a pubg mobile player enough to be good pubg mobile doing peek while killing your enemy in front tdm warehouse.

4. Watch and Learn Professionals Pubg Mobile TDM Strategy on youtube –

You can see various Professionals Pubg Mobile TDM strategy on youtube. As many pubg mobile gamers like GameXpro, Bandookbaaz, Mc Master, etc. These are new pubg mobile gamers which have started making professionals Pubg mobile TDM strategy.

You can watch pubg mobile tdm warehouse strategies on their streaming pubg channels. there are numerous times of pubg Mobile TDM warehouse tips and tricks from where you can learn best Pubg Mobile TDM strategy.

5. Don’t use Snipers in TDM warehouse for long shots look at this tdm warehouse tricks and tips –

I know it guys that, some people can use snipers in TDM warehouse for long shots. But know it become a common between pubg mobile players. Sincerely many people are playing on the basis of day by day. Hence increase their practise in pubg mobile.

Use Ar Rifles pubg mobile guns, for the continuous shooting fire rate. If you will go shoot using snipers in TDM warehouse tricks. The enemy will shoot you first because the fire speed of his Ar rifle will be more faster than your pubg mobile sniper.

6. Never Rush, took Kills by Hide and Kill in pubg mobile tdm warehouse tricks

When i am going to rush a squad in pubg mobile, and if i get killed by mistake, my teammates start trolling me as a Pubg noob. Significantly hearing this noob word while playing pubg mobile again and again make me feel awkward.

therefore i searched out a solution for this in pubg mobile, making hide myself instead of rush. Then i quit rushing the squads in pubg mobile, and started playing hide and kill with pubg enemies. This will gave you more kills instead of being loss the TDM match. Try this game hide and kill.

7. Try up using pubg mobile guns with no scope [ In TDM Warehouse ]

New pubg mobile update, had changed a feature in pubg and that is we cannot use some of the guns in pubg mobile. I.e we can’t get 3x, 4x, and 6x scope already in pubg backup till now.

But since this new pubg mobile update we can’t get those scopes in pubg mobile backpack. We got only holographic scope and sometimes Red dot scope in pubg mobile. Intend using this pubg mobile tdm tricks we will get a professionally pubg skill that is killing without scope.

As i was playing pubg mobile new update in TDM warehouse, and i found this pubg mobile tdm warehouse trick. Literally i was not able to play pubg mobile with no scope in tdm warehouse. Moreover you guys should pubg mobile tdm warehouse trick.


8. Never peek, when your enemy is ready on your front in pubg mobile tdm warehouse trick

In pubg mobile, when your fronting your enemy and your pubg enemy is ready for shooting you when you will be peeking. Although this was the biggest mistake you guys will do while peeking in pubg mobile. You will be killed in less than one second. Now let me explain this peek and fire disadvantages below.

When your enemy is on peek upon you and ready to shoot on you while you will be going to peek. Your enemy had just to tap on shoot fire and you had to peek and fire. Understand this again –

When you are going to kill your pubg mobile enemy standing on your front. And he is already peeked at his location to kill you. Then you will be discomforting yourself by peeking at your enemy and killed yourself.

Change your position, among your enemy and rush on him. This will definitely kill your enemy if your enemy is on peeking up at you. Try this also and make Kartik Hub comment about this pubg mobile tdm trick.

9. Always Jump and do fire on your enemy in pubg mobile tdm warehouse tricks –

Making jump while shooting your enemy is the best thing to prevent the gun damage. This will slightly increase your gun recoil but prevent being killed by your pubg opponent. Always jump and then firing on your enemy will kill him by headshot.

Making this pubg mobile tdm trick used you guys will become a pro pubg mobile tdm player. All players will eventually be shocked on your pubg mobile tdm trick. By using this Pubg Mobile TDM tricks your enemy will be killed directly in less than one of second.

Jumping will instantly change the enemies gun position, hence you will target him and killed the enemy.

10. If you’re losing, stay back and rush out your pubg enemies

In the end of Pubg mobile TDM match, if you’re losing by less kills tdm points and as compared to opponent point kills. Then your squad should always stay back. If you will be on rushing then get loose. But if you will for the opponent squad to rush on you, then sudden imply some attacks on them to get instant kill. Making tdm warehouse enemy kill one by one in our tdm warehouse pubg mobile will increase your kills and. Hence you will be the winner.

So Thank you guys as this was only for today that is Pubg Mobile TDM Tricks – Best Pubg Mobile TDM Highest Kills Tricks. Make sure to visit Kartik Hub back.


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