Pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips 2020, Pubg Mobile attachments

pubg mobile shooting tips 2020
pubg shooting tips 2020

Pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips 2020, Pubg Mobile attachments

PUBG MOBILE shooting tips 2020, best way to become pro player in pubg. Did guys you like today’s Kartik hub this article on Pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips 2020 Pubg Mobile attachments. So let’s furthermore head towards best pubg mobile shooting tips to become a pro player in pubg mobile.

Hey Guys welcome happily back on Kartik Hub. Since today we are eventually being headed up by pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips. Moreover you all guys could make Kartik hub comment about what did you people want to see up next.

What is Best Pubg Mobile Shooting Tips :-

The game pubg mobile is all about making yourself and your squad last long survival. The last squad or a single player stands at first place had took by Chicken dinner to his home. If your playing pubg mobile and guys without knowing about pubg mobile shooting tips.

That how to be a pro player in pubg mobile or how to professionally attack at someone in pubg mobile. Therefore pubg mobile shooting tips had been shared by Kartik hub today for you amazing audiences.

Pubg mobile best shooting tricks and tips :-

1. Make Your Pubg Mobile Shooting Practises In Training Mode

If you are a beginner pubg mobile player and want to know about Best pubg mobile shooting tips. Therefore the first procedure towards pubg mobile shooting tips are you had to be totally honestly focused on Pubg Training Mode.


In training mode you will be confidently able to know about how to face a enemy in pubg mobile instead of being killed by your enemy itself. There are all pubg mobile guns provided there for all you guys.

You can totally use any of the gun there. For example in AR guns you can choose Groza, M416, M762, etc which are very powerful pubg mobile guns of all. And in pubg mobile sniper you can consistently choose AWM and M24 the most powerful sniper of pubg mobile.

In Training mode itself you can met by different pubg mobile vehicles and hence gain pubg mobile driving experiences. Moreover there are also shooting objects present in pubg mobile training mode.

Which can literally make your pubg mobile shooting tricks or tips more accurate and better. Hence in the starting as a pubg mobile beginner player make sure to be being matched by pubg training mode.

2. Try To Comfort With Default Pubg Control Settings or Change It To Best Pubg Mobile Control Settings

When you were playing as a pubg mobile beginner player, playing in the training mode you had been observe. That pubg mobile claw settings or that pre-default pubg mobile controls.

Now i already known that some of might my pubg mobile beginner players were used to be faced by that simple pubg claw settings. But now that simple pubg mobile controls will be no more of use. Just simply make my instructions follow –


Go to pubg mobile settings (in right of top corner) and click controls maybe on after two or three times of options there in pubg mobile settings.

Significantly till now you had followed (kartik hub) in absolutely good manner. Now checkout that pubg mobile best claw settings image below, and download that pubg mobile controls image.

  • Click on pubg mobile controls image.
  • Hold up it for only 2 second of time. And click on the option download image in the dialog box which had
  • appeared previously on holding the image.
  • Hence your pubg mobile control settings image will be downloaded.

Make your pubg mobile controls change as same as that image have, and give yourself at least some couple of days to be confident and comfortable with that pubg mobile claw settings.

3. Change Your Pubg Mobile Sensitive Settings

Making pubg mobile sensitivity settings changes, we can ordinary observe the changes while playing in pubg mobile. These are the best pubg mobile sensitivity settings of all time which is kartik hub is going to provide you.

There will be several of pubg mobile sensitivity settings, but still you can choose pubg mobile best sensitivity settings according to your choice as well also. And finally on observing changes in playing pubg mobile with these best pubg mobile sensitivity settings could make you a better pubg mobile professional player also.

You can share your review on this pubg mobile sensitivity settings with us kartik hub also in comment section.

4. Starting Training Yourself In TDM Warehouse Matches As Pubg Practises

Tdm Warehouse in pubg mobile, is the only best pubg mobile match to became yourself a professional pubg mobile players. In that you will be experiences various types of pubg mobile guns and different situations when we had to use pubg mobile guns for better kills.

Winning or losing is a part of pubg mobile game, but making yourself a professional pubg mobile player is definitely a different achievement in yourself. Hence TDM warehouse is the only best pubg mobile match to train yourself becoming a pubg mobile professional player in Asia server.

Previously couple of weeks ago pubg mobile or tencent Games had been changed some minor changes in TDM warehouse. As well as making pubg mobile tdm warehouse new updates as well as changes also.

5. Choose Your Favorite Or Most Powerful Pubg Mobile Guns

In the beginning of a pubg mobile beginner player, he used to get a lot of pubg mobile guns. And later on make him/her busy in choosing best pubg mobile guns. But my people hold on today we will be discuss here about Best and strongest pubg mobile guns. So what i used mostly in pubg mobile guns to make my pubg enemy down in few seconds are :

In Ar Guns M416, GROZA, AKM, M762(BARREL), and other air-drops guns.
In Snipers High Damage giving pubg mobile snipers KAR-98K, M24, AWM, and other medium damage giving snipers are MINI 14, SKS, and SLR.

6. Control Pubg Mobile Guns Recoil By Changing Fire Mode

If you are still unaware about knowing the pubg mobile guns have their different – different firing modes. There are only two firing mode to control pubg mobile guns recoil. Hence the modes are :-

  • Single
  • Auto

Single firing pubg mode – making the pubg firing mode change onto single intended to improves its accuracy by different pubg mobile guns. And make instantly aim upon their pubg mobile enemies, therefore we can get enough of less pubg mobile gun recoil in single mode.

Auto firing mode pubg mobile – when we had been firing up to our pubg mobile enemies on Auto firing pubg mode. Hence sometimes we get some more recoils on pubg mobile guns and this is the only reason pubg mobile players had stopped.

Using M762 pubg mobile gun. In auto pubg firing mode the bullets end up more early as compared to single firing pubg mode.

7. Use Peek And Fire Option As It Makes You Visible Less

The most useful pubg mobile shooting tricks in using Peek and Fire Mode. This is best feature of pubg mobile to use, you had been already seen a professional pubg mobile player using this peek and fire pubg option.

How to enable peek and fire option in pubg mobile ?

Significantly Pubgall had noticed and confirmed that the pubg mobile beginners players are not having peek and fire option. But no worry people kartik hub is here to guide at free of cost for pubg tips and tricks. To enable peek and fire option in pubg mobile visit under pubg mobile settings to enable peek and fire option in pubg mobile 2020.


What is the use of Peek and fire option in pubg mobile :-

Moreover we can protect yourself against an enemy of pubg mobile by using peek and fire option in pubg mobile. It make us cover beside an object in pubg mobile and keep making us covered and visible less to the frontier pubg mobile enemy.

We had more chance to kill that enemy in our front by using peek and fire option in pubg mobile. Being covered by an object make possibilities to shoot against our pubg mobile enemy. And hit him off without getting damaged yourself.

8. Always Try To Aim for Patt Se Headshot

Getting your enemy Patt se headshot is Best feeling ever in pubg mobile. We had to always try to aim for headshots in pubg mobile. As i had already mentioned the best pubg mobile snipers upwards. But still Pubgall is giving you the names of best pubg mobile sniper.

  • AWM
  • M24
  • KAR-98k

You can also shoot your pubg mobile enemies with other pubg mobile snipers also. If you use other best pubg mobile snipers for close range also. In a headshot your pubg mobile will be knocked down in just one bullet only. Giving your enemy a headshot.

Will improve your pubg mobile shooting tips and tricks 2020 as well as giving you more reached achievements in pubg mobile.

9. Never Leave Pubg Mobile Guns Attachments

When carrying best pubg mobile gun with yourself while playing pubg mobile but forget to carry important pubg mobile guns attachments could make you suffer a lot from various pubg mobile gun problems. Various pubg mobile guns attachments are :-

  • Rifle Assault compensator pubg mobile attachments
  • Flash Hider assault rifle pubg mobile attachments
  • Ar Rifle suppressor pubg mobile attachments
  • Sniper rifle compensator pubg mobile attachments
  • Rifle sniper flash hider pubg mobile attachments
  • suppressor pubg sniper rifle mobile attachments
  • Pistol suppressor pubg mobile attachments
  • Choke pubg mobile attachments
  • Duckbill pubg mobile attachments

Pubg Mobile Guns Scopes Attachments :-

  • Red dot sight pubg mobile attachment
  • Holographic sight pubg mobile attachment
  • 2x scope pubg mobile attachment
  • 3x scope pubg mobile attachment
  • 4x scope pubg mobile attachment
  • 6x scope pubg mobile attachment
  • 8x scope pubg mobile attachment

Try to Remember about every Remember, every pubg mobile attachments. pubg mobile attachments helps in improving pubg mobile shooting tips and tricks with these all aim control, recoil control, and sound effect in pubg mobile.

10. Always Use Gyroscopes in pubg Mobile Shooting Tips

Turning on gyroscope in pubg mobile make us help by reducing or controlling pubg mobile guns recoil. When we shoot any pubg mobile enemy from far away distance without opening our pubg mobile scopes attachments.

Making our pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips much better during sniping from a distant distance. Just open the scope and move gyroscope in pubg mobile according to your pubg mobile enemy position.

How to enable Gyroscope in pubg Mobile ?

You can easily enable or disable the Gyroscope in pubg mobile under PUBG Mobile settings and then click on Always On present on Gyroscope pubg mobile option.

I hope that this first article of Pubgall that is Pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips 2020, Pubg Mobile attachments. And would really intend to help you in the coming future.

If you feel or remember something had been missed by Pubgall for the Pubg mobile shooting tricks and tips 2020, Pubg Mobile attachments. Then you can suggest pubgall by comment down below. Later on it will added to this article if we find it more helpful.

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