Pubg Mobile Motor Glider coming up soon, Pubg Mobile Motor Glider Update

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motor glider pubg update 2020

Pubg Mobile Motor Glider coming up soon, Pubg Mobile Motor Glider Update :

Yes, PUBG MOBILE MOTOR GLIDER UPDATE coming up soon and is now finally updated on Kartik Hub. Pubg labs beta version is testing a new pubg mobile Motor Glider update in the game. So let’s head towards the topic Pubg Mobile Motor Glider coming up soon, Pubg Mobile Motor Glider Update.


The New Motor Glider in pubg mobile had been updated in the Steam version of the game. In Motor Glider Pubg Mobile only two of the players can be carried at once. Moreover Pubg mobile players on the motor glider will be easily able to shoot down on enemies and killed them from the motor glider pubg mobile.

Motor Glider Update in Pubg Mobile had been tested by Pubg Labs in the game. In which pubg mobile motor glider let two of the pubg mobile players to fly around the pubg map.

In which they are playing and let shooting from above motor glider on enemies roaming around. And You can also be able to fly faster this motor glider across the map while shooting the enemies.

Ruppo pubg mobile

We all know that how much popular the Pubg Mobile is but still it is a fact that pubg mobile. Is getting airborne vehicles like Helicopter and now Motor glider in pubg mobile. Very lately as compared to other battlegrounds Mobile Games.

1. Here if we talk about an airborne vehicle that is helicopter in pubg mobile had been taken place few months ago under the new Payload Mode in Evo Grounds.

2. Significantly the next recent leaked article on Kartik hub of pubg mobile drone updates had been connected to spy drones in pubg mobile. According this is the another airborne vehicle in Pubg Mobile which is coming up very soon as waited.

3. And the next and the last till new pubg mobile update the airborne vehicle of pubg mobile is motor glider. As per the research of Pubg Mobile Team they had more plans for making airborne vehicle. Spiritually the best thing is for eager pubg players, as they can easily play this motor glider pubg mobile update right now in a limited time period for now only.


The streamed version of pubg mobile had been giving pubg mobile players a chance to check out this test of motor glider pubg mobile update. Again recalling by Kartik hub that Labs Pubg had discussed about the motor glider pubg Pc version few days ago.

So that PC players can took a look at test of this new pubg mobile motor glider update. This week players had been given a limited time period to allow for motor glider test by Pubg Labs.

Top 5 Pubg Mobile Features

This Motor Glider pubg mobile update is not longer available now. This pubg mobile test of motor glider was available in the Labs Pubg section on 19 December at 11 pm to 22 December.

Kartik Hub knows that It’s only a given time period of only two days but still players can tried out the motor glider pubg update and can also provide feedback to the Kartik Hub actively with their gameplay in comment section.

Feature of pubg mobile glider update –

The Motor Glider update makes an aeroplane very closets of all. You can eventually use motor glider update in the game. An official post report of pubg mobile community had instructed about the Motor Glider pubg mobile. A another way to get kills in pubg mobile as to break kills on pubg mobile enemies from motor glider.

The motor glider in pubg mobile is a running slow vehicle with limitations of its own. It can be used only for seat two pubg players at once time. Similarly the driver will sit with us. And the other one pubg mobile player sitting in motor glider have brought the ability to shoot at enemies from the top above.

The pubg mobile players can shoot with pubg mobile guns all around just like previously on old update on a motorcycle.

While flying your motor glider pubg mobile the enemies can a lot major damages to motor glider. While we are flying motor glider in pubg mobile the enemies roaming downwards can be able to shoot at our motor glider pubg mobile with their weapons and all.


As something from Pubg mobile reports says that the wings of motor glider will not be affected too much from the weapon attacks. And if we talk about the wheels of motor glider in pubg mobile they cannot be damaged anymore. We can run on motor glider and goes back down to the ground after heating down of its engine.

Speed of pubg mobile glider –

Speed of almost 70 km/h is needed for motor glider in pubg mobile on land. To take off the motor glider. And we get about its consumption rate of fuel, is totally depended on the speed of engine works. The more increases we apply to the speed of motor glider in pubg mobile, the faster will be the rate of fuel decreases.

At higher altitudes they engine of motor glider pubg mobile will start decreasing it’s engine power as there is no limit given for the maximum altitude. The rotor in pubg mobile glider motor could also make us damaged our health.

Erangel and Miramar are the two maps of pubg mobile. In which the motor glider in pubg mobile will be available.

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